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We are a full scale Human Capital Consulting firm, with specialties in equity and inclusion strategy, workforce analytics, change management, and strategic communications.

We believe in an equity-first approach. We use data-driven models, proven culture change approaches, and talent management methodologies to build sustainable systems and processes. Through strategic planning, we help our clients align their efforts to company business goals and build strong business cases for change. We are ferociously committed to strategic, sustainable solutions. We refuse to check boxes nor advise our clients to do so. We listen for the pain, the challenges and the complexities and then customize models, approaches and programs that address the issues, optimize performance and enable the company’s business goals. And then, once there’s a clear business case and strategic plan, we deploy best in class communication tactics that move internal and external stakeholders to decisive action.

CTM Capabilities Statement
CTM DEI Strategy

Our Mission

To Start and Sustain a Workplace Equity Movement

Our Core Values​

We are legit. ​

We are next level in our delivery and listen first before we solve.​

We will always be different.​

We’re committed to perpetual evolution.​

We level up by using tech and data.​

We challenge and disrupt false narratives.​

We are a family—the real kind, the good kind.

Our clients are in various parts of the business ecosystem, but all with the same questions.

How do I facilitate meaningful conversations on racial equity?

How do I engage in strategic action to reach our workplace equity goals?

How do I create a strategic roadmap for sustainable change?

How do I prioritize my DEI initiatives during a economic downturn?

I’m white. What makes me credible to lead our workplace equity efforts?

Who We Partner With

We partner with EXECUTIVES to build sustainable strategies that focus on the workforce, suppliers, customers and social responsibility.

We partner with HR EXECUTIVES who are often tasked with designing and executing their company’s D&I strategy.

While CHIEF DIVERSITY OFFICERS are usually well versed on workplace equity, they are looking for ways to achieve more than just “visual diversity.” We can help.

We help EMPLOYEE RESOURCE GROUP LEADERS with annual planning and strategies for engaging with leaders, sponsors, and allies to provide the best for their members.

What Makes Us Different

Our Enterprise Approach


  • Execute organizational assessments
  • Engage with leadership
  • Facilitate key employee sessions
  • Gather initial quant / qual data
  • Enroll sponsors / leadership support


  • Analyze collected data
  • Review key business pillars / business drivers
  • Highlight immediate actions for leaders
  • Identify risk exposure
  • Summarize current state & gaps


  • Execute strategic enterprise plans
  • Build organizational capability through training / coaching
  • Deploy culture change plans to shape behaviors
  • Drive accountability through internal & external reporting


  • Define future state / leadership alignment
  • Build strategic roadmap
  • Outline capability building requirements
  • Establish metrics, tools & cadence to track progress 

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