Our Services

Content (Communications)

Strategic Messaging for Employee Engagement

Unlock the power of effective communication within your organization. Our strategic messaging solutions are tailored to engage and inspire your employees. Whether you want to communicate organizational goals or foster a shared vision, we help you craft messages that resonate with your workforce. If your aim is to reach your entire employee base or to target specific teams, our expertise ensures your communications are strategic and impactful.

Change (Change Management)

Navigating Change for Lasting Transformation

Change is inevitable, but successful change requires a strategic approach. Our change management expertise helps you identify key stakeholders, assess the impact of change, and create a roadmap for seamless transitions. We work closely with your leaders to build capabilities and develop messaging that drives understanding and buy-in. Let us guide you through the process of meaningful change that propels your organization forward.

Culture (Fascinate)

Ignite Team Synergy with Fascinate

Our innovative assessment dives deep into the genetic makeup of your teams, revealing their unique strengths and highest-value contributions. By understanding who’s on your team and their best uses, we empower you to create a dynamic and engaged workforce. This innovative assessment helps identify ways to activate your team members and sets them on a path to greatness. Together, we’ll transform your culture into one that fascinates, inspires, and ensures long-term success for your organization.

Community (Inclusion)

Creating Inclusive Communities

Inclusion is the heartbeat of a thriving community. We believe that true community building goes beyond surface-level efforts. It requires intentional coalition-building and fostering connections that drive meaningful change. Our approach will involve working closely with Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Business Resource Groups (BRGs), where we can leverage their unique perspectives and experiences to shape a culture of inclusivity. We help you create an environment where diverse voices are not only welcomed but actively sought after.

Building an inclusive community is a critical component of effective change management. Through our guidance, we empower your organization to cultivate an atmosphere where every individual can contribute their best and flourish. Let us help you build a community where everyone feels valued, connected, and engaged.

Competency (Learning and Development)

Empowering and Fueling Growth

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, investing in learning and development is crucial to staying ahead. At our firm, we are dedicated to helping organizations unlock their teams’ full potential through strategic learning initiatives. Our expertise in learning and development encompasses a wide range of best practices, from facilitating engaging webinars to designing impactful training sessions. A library of our crafted content will be available soon to enhance your team’s competencies.

Courage (Bold x Brave)

We Champion Corporate Courage

In today’s dynamic landscape, addressing racial equity in the workplace is not just an option—it’s a necessity. That’s why we developed the powerful BoldxBrave© model, designed to empower organizations like yours to drive real change.

The first step is to acknowledge inequities. To make a lasting impact truly, it’s crucial to take action. With our BoldxBrave™ model, we help you as to raise awareness, initiate tangible steps, and foster accountability throughout your organization.

BoldxBrave™ empowers you to go beyond surface-level discussions and embrace a comprehensive approach to equity. Through our strategic framework, we help you develop action plans that drive meaningful change, dismantle systemic barriers, and foster an inclusive culture where all employees can thrive.

Stand tall, be bold, and create an environment where courage thrives.

Conversations (Facilitating Difficult Conversations)

Empowering Meaningful Dialogue

Let CTM help you reveal the power of quality conversations within your organization. Our adept guidance creates safe spaces for difficult conversations, leading to collaborative solutions.

We don’t just discuss the issues at hand, we lead people towards resolutions. We believe that conversations aligned with intention and a shared commitment to finding solutions have the power to drive meaningful change. Our skilled facilitators help participants identify common goals, explore alternative viewpoints, and collaborate on actionable strategies.

If we engage in difficult conversations, together we can address underlying issues, improve relationships, and create a more inclusive and harmonious work environment in your organization.

Consulting (Team Expertise)

Consulting that Matters: Your Trusted Partner in Customized Solutions

When it comes to consulting, we understand that one size does not fit all. At our firm, we take pride in delivering tailored solutions that are uniquely designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of your organization. We are committed to providing services that meet your current needs and make a lasting impact.

Our approach is built with you in mind. We listen attentively to your goals, challenges, and aspirations, and gain a deep understanding of your organizational context. Our team of trusted professionals brings a wealth of expertise and industry insight to the table so that we can offer innovative strategies and practical solutions that align with your unique circumstances.

We believe that true consulting is a collaborative process. We work side by side with your team, where we engage in active dialogue and leverage our collective knowledge to co-create solutions. Whether it’s strategic communication, change management, culture transformation, or any other area of focus, we approach each consulting engagement with a commitment to delivering customized solutions that address your organization’s specific needs and challenges.

You can partner with us to experience consulting that goes beyond generic advice.We’ll be your trusted advisors and we’ll embark on a joint journey where, we will listen to each other, learn from each other, leverage our varying experiences, and lead our partners as we move towards bigger and better endeavors. Together, we will shape a future that is uniquely tailored to your organization’s success.