The NASPP Blog featuring JeNae Johnson

Defining the "E" in DEI: Reframing the Equity Conversation

For today’s blog entry, I highlight the keynote address by JeNae Johnson at last week’s NASPP Conference. JeNae has been working with the NASPP as we establish our own DEI initiative and we were very excited to have her present at the conference.

The NASPP Blog featuring Jenae Johnson

Fox 26 Houston

Our CEO JeNae Johnson was interviewed for this story:
The sacrifices women have had to make during the COVID-19 pandemic

As we celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday, consider this. Many moms have been hit the hardest, arguably during the pandemic, losing their jobs and can't find child care so that they can return to work. Our Fox 26 Houston Consumer Reporter Heather Sullivan has more.

SDP Annual DAAG Conference and Workshops

Systemic Bias and Decision Quality
April 15, 2021 | 12:30pm-2:30pm (PT)
During this session, we will explore the importance of leveraging a diverse team to drive decision quality. Beyond acknowledging the need for diversity among decision professionals, there’s also a need to address systematized bias in the business decision process overall. As workplace equity consultants, we’ve seen this concept show up in several organizations and would like to share suggested approaches for identifying systematized bias and how to best address it as decision analysis practitioners. The goal is for participants to walk away with immediate actions they can take to raise their awareness on unconscious, conscious and systemic bias in decision processes and explore paths to sustainable change.

L.I.T. (Leaders In Training )

Leadership & Soft Skills Professional Development Program

Snack Sized Sales Podcasts with Wesleyne Greer

Bold x Brave Conversations with JeNae Johnson

Thank you for tuning into my podcast, “Snack Sized Sales,” where I focus on sharing three actionable tips on one topic that you use to transform sales. Today my guest is JeNae Johnson with (CTM Unlimited) who equips leaders and teams with proper tools, guidance, strategy and courage to accomplish their business objectives. Starting with the premise that everyone has genius within them, JeNae equips leaders and teams with proper tools, guidance, strategy and courage to accomplish their business objectives.

Idea to Value

Idea to Value | Podcast S5E103: JeNae Johnson – Diversity, equity and rescuing geniuses

JeNae is a well known human capital consultant with a focus on bringing both equity and inclusivity to discussions around diversity. In today’s wide-ranging discussion as part of February Black History Month, we touch on what diversity is, why it is important, and what companies can do in order to improve their effectiveness.

Voice Of Influence 177

Find Your Cause, Your Calling, and Your Courage, with JeNae Johnson

As the founder and CEO of CTM Unlimited and Director of Fascinate in 3D, JeNae Johnson shares her journey of innovatively aligning her skills, experience, and passion to create strategic action in addressing problems involving workplace equity. Join us to gain greater clarity about how your gifts can be leveraged for the changes you long to see take place.

Cocktails, Code, & Conversations

Conversation with JeNae Johnson

I absolutely could not wait to have this conversation! This is legit one of the few podcasts I actually planned the topic of conversation. I knew JeNae would bring the passion, insight, and just all around a great conversation that would be fun, and inspiring! In this episode, we talk about JeNae's mission to eradicate systemic racism in corporate culture, her beloved Howard University, and what it was like hearing the news about Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, and of course the question everyone is asked on this podcast. What does JeNae want her legacy to be?

Sell from Love Podcasts with Finka Jerkovic

Episode 4: Take That Risk and Move Forward. Let Your Voice be Heard with JeNae Clark Johnson

In a time when a pandemic, challenges in the economy and fear is running rampant how do you find your centre? How do you stay grounded? How do you have faith to move forward, putting one foot in front of the other when you’re not sure if a stone will appear for your foot to firmly land on. My guest today, JeNae Clark Johnson Founder of CTM Unlimited a human capital consulting firm who’s mission is to rescue geniuses shares her story on how she moved through the fear, uncertainties and the tragedies we’ve all been witnessing this past year with racial inequality. She took a stand for being bold, brave, and leading with corporate courage.

Houston Chronicle

Beyond slogans: A path forward for Houston's Black business community

JeNae Johnson, founder of CTM Unlimited, a consulting company, is closing on an initial contract with GE worth more than $210,000 as a result of Share the Mic and the Money Now. She called the event “a case study for how you can make a lot of impact in a short period of time.”

“A lot of companies that I’ve seen, they’ve come out and said, ‘We really want to do something about the racial inequity we see, but we’re not sure where to start,’” Johnson said. “Waste Management, the Greater Houston Black Chamber, Leadership Houston — they set this up in four weeks.”

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